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Scotty Mckercher and Jorge Vera Garcia are joining me to help you step up your windsurfing game!

I'm excited to announce the upcoming WA Windsurf Clinic! I will join forces with the legendary former Wave World Champ Scott McKercher and Professional Windsurfing Coach and Caddy Jorge Vera Garcia (aka Dr Windsurf). Together we will guarantee everyone leaves the clinic loaded with every bit of knowledge necessary to take their sailing to the next level! What we all love about windsurfing is how fun it is to challenge ourselves on the water and try to do better and better every time we get out! Nothing more rewarding then going for it! Whether you are trying to improve your jibes, get into waves, go for your first front loop or get your forwards a few meters higher, land backloops and make sure your turns are more powerful and stylish - this is your chance to accelerate the process!


As a Resident of Western Australia (and an Australian citizen since September) I have been teaching many people at Coronation beach for years. This time I will be joining forces with Scotty Mckercher - WA local and a former PWA World Champion.

Justyna Sniady POL 1111

I have spent endless amounts of hours analysing footage of myself and other pro riders, finding mistakes, finding hacks to learn moves in a faster and safer way. I can now look at one of your attempts and tell you exactly what you need to do, how it will feel in the beginning, what can possibly start to go wrong in the next phases and how to tackle that too. Between Scotty, Jorge and I, we can show you the fastest way to landing any wave moves you are after. I love helping people improve their windsurfing, there is nothing better then seeing the joy on someone's face when they land their first frontloop or backloop. If that is your dream I am here to help. If you want to take your sailing to the next level, you can fast-forward this process by learning from us, what normally would take many years to figure out by yourself.

Justyna's coaching style:

Justyna sailing in OZ

Scotty MeKercher KA 181

Scotty is a former IFCA (1999) and PWA Wave (2004) World Champion. He has been in the windsurfing game all his life either competing or traveling around the world in search of the most gnarly waves he could find. He's a WA local based in Margaret River and to this day can be found chasing all the best forecasts along the WA coastline. His idea of a good forecast might be different to yours though.. Unless you like to wobble around in 10 knots of wind and double mast high waves too that is! :) Scotty is still occasionally competing for fun on the WA tour and he's world class sailing is still going strong. Gnaraloo and Margaret River remain his top 2 WA locations but rumour has is no-one has sailed more spots around the world then him ;) There's simply not a better person to teach you how to read the wave, where to be and where not to be on it and how to master all kind of turns in all various sections and conditions. If you are hoping to step up your game with jumping or top level wave manoeuvres like wave 360s, Scotty is your man.

Scotty's coaching style:

Scotty ripping in OZ

Jorge Vera Garcia E 173 Jorge was born on Gran Canaria - World renowned windsurfing mecca and home to the PWA World Tour Events since 30+ years. He has been windsurfing for over two decades. For the past ten years he's been travelling and training with Philip Koster (five times Wave World Champion), whom he also caddy's for during the PWA Events. If you need to know how to rig your kit he's your men! When he is not traveling, coaching or caddying he tests gear for the leading windsurfing brands like STARBOARD or SEVERNE.

He has watched an endless amount of heats (also as a judge at the Spanish National Championships) and sailed the most epic windsurfing locations around the world (Hawaii, South Africa, Australia, Mauritius, Canary Islands and others). He has also been coaching for majority of his adult life. All he's learned from sailing himself and from teaching others allows him to give very specific advice aligned to the style of the sailor he is working with. He's the best in the business and earned himself Dr Windsurf nickname. He has coached everyone from beginners and young kids to amateurs trying to improve their jibes or get into waves, all the way through to the PWA Pro riders. Takas, Wave 360s, Goiters, Doubles.. You name it - Jorge's got all the moves and all the tips!

Jorge's coaching style:

Jorge in Esperance - session with Philip Koster and Jeager Stone


We will be sailing at the famous Coronation beach - local training spot of Jaeger Stone. This spot offers world class conditions for windsurfing at every level and is just a short 15min drive from Geraldton.

Coronation Beach

Coronation Beach - home of the Australian National Championships

Sandy beach stretches for miles making it very safe to get in and out anywhere along the coast. Water is flat for the first 400-500 meters, and offers perfect conditions for complete beginners, those practicing water starts or jibes as well as people trying to improve their freestyle.

Windsurfing Paradise

A deep-water reef is located just 500m from the beach. Waves start from knee-high on the inside all the way to logo (and occasionally mast) high on the outside. They are fairly soft and usually with good spaces between them (period) making it the best port-tack spot in the world to learn to wave ride safely and to safely practice jumping. In case of any trouble with the gear you end up in a flat water bay. No need to be scared of sharks here either! ;)

You will struggle to find a better place than Coronation Beach to up your windsurfing game whatever your level. With trade winds blowing regularly all through the summer, you are pretty much guaranteed to spend a lot of time on the water. Coro is as close as a windsurfing spot get's to a skate park. It is a true windsurfer's paradise and a must visit!

Justyna in Coronation Beach


The goal of this clinic is to show you the tools and give you the tips that will allow you to take your windsurfing to the next level. You will spend 5 days with like-minded people who all are trying to push themselves (and each other) to sail the best they can. We will live and breathe windsurfing. We will go over optimal gear set up, water safety and dealing with fear, manoeuvres' technique and style.*

Your training will be captured in HD (also with a drone) and we will be analysing everyone's videos daily to ensure you make the most out of your time on the water. In the end of the clinic you will receive your footage package including clips of your sailing, lifestyle and drone shots of WA (if the weather allows).


  • your windsurfing "health check" from gear set up to stance

  • defining your fastest, realistic goals and time frames

  • identifying possible mental blocks and creating a road map to overcoming them

  • mind hacks and game-changing pro tips

  • five days of HD filming with daily progress video analysis

  • five days of theory and water classes with three coaches: Justyna Sniady, Scott McKercher and Jorge Vera Garcia aka Dr Windsurf (we aim at minimum 4hr water time classes per day + footage analysis/theory time)

  • copy of all the clinic footage is for you to keep and use (including drone footage if the weather allows)

  • WING Surfing - in the less windy moments of the day you can give wing-surfing a go with Scotty

  • tow-in SUP foiling behind Scotty's boat in case of no wind

  • four days camping at Goodies Eco Camp included (5 min from Coronation beach - no cabins here, so must be staying in a van, trailer, tent or swag; equipped with kitchen, bbq, fresh water shower and power );

  • closing night dinner included

  • *please bring your own gear - we do not provide equipment*

Few photos from the last Coros Clinic :

Places are limited. We want to ensure everyone gets enough attention. If you are interested in joining our clinic please book a spot.


4-8 DEC 2024

COST: 1550 AUD$

> 50% non-refundable upfront payment to secure the spot. Pay in full by 30 November 2023.


*Book and pay in full before 30th October to save 150 AUD


If you've joined one of our clinics in the last 12 months (from the date of booking), you are entitled to the Member Price

To get on the short list please:



*Please note: This is clinic is for intermediate to advanced riders.

We do require you to have a certain level of competence on the water already.

If you'd like to join us - confident water starts are crucial. Personal Insurance is also mandatory for all participants.



How to secure a spot at the Windsurf Boost Camp? To confirm your spot we require 50% deposit (775 AUD). You will receive account details in response to your booking. To secure the Early Bird price (1400 instead of 1550 AUD) you must pay in full by 30th October 2024.

What gear WA offers rather stable wind conditions anywhere from 4.2 to 5.0 for an average size sailor. If you are on a smaller side you might occasionally need a 3.7 for the stronger day. If you are a big guy make sure you bring the gear that allows you to float and ride. It's not choppy so you can easily use a bigger board. Put in a 5.3 or 5.6. We can give you more specific advice if you get in touch. Temperature Australian Summer can get hot but it's never humid, with dry air it's easy to handle the heat. Make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and always wear sun cream as sun can be very harsh, especially when you spend all day at the beach. It is a desert, so nights are usually colder. Make sure to bring a jumper and a light jacket too! Some nights might get chilly if the wind stays on. We recommend you take a beanie.

Wetsuit Yes. Please bring a wetsuit. It can get a bit colder in the afternoon sessions. Most of the time short wetsuit is sufficient, but for protection from impact and sun we recommend brining a long thin (3/2 mm) wetsuit as well.

Flying from outside of Australia You will have to fly into Perth. The gear is the tricky part. There is currently one direct connection (of 17hr) to Perth from London. Usually all the airlines offer connections with one stop. Emirates and Qatar offer competitive flights prices, but do not offer "Sport Equipment" option to Australia. That means you must fit your gear and suitcase under 30kg. You can have as many pieces as you like, as long as it's under 30kg. After that you pay per kg with most airlines. Turkish is probably your best choice as they offer 60 euro per equipment bag option but as it's another operator on the last leg into Perth, make sure they don't charge you more on the way back. You do not need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to travel to and from Australia. Masks are mandatory on inbound international flights.

Car/Van Rental There are plenty of companies offering both car and van/camper rentals.

If you choose to stay longer, we recommend you get a van or a camper. It is much easier to explore the coast and all the surf spots if you can stop wherever to sleep.

Sharks/Spiders/Snakes.. am I going to survive? Yes, don't stress. There has never been a shark attack in Coronation Beach. Sharks are usually an issue further South, and even then, you really have to ask for trouble to get any. Spiders and snakes keep to themselves in the bush, and you really won't have a problem.

Driving Yes, you can do a lot of driving in WA if you would like to chase conditions and try all the spots. Our camp will take place 15 min from town though, so the only driving you will have to do during our clinic will be to and from Geraldton. More questions? Contact me


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