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Windsurf BOOST CAMP December 2022

Front Loop Factory Line

Coros is as close as a windsurfing spot get's to a skate park. It is a true windsurfer's paradise and a must visit! We had lot's of fun Windsurfing and Winging here during our recent clinic!

The goal of this clinic was to show everyone the tools and tips that will allow them to take their windsurfing to the next level. We wanted everyone to spend fun times with like-minded people who were trying to push themselves (and each other) to sail the best they can.

We were not disappointed and the energy was great! We've seen everyone pushing their own boundaries and almost everyone going around their first ever forwards with many people claiming a landing! I had goose bumps watching people go for it and couldn't be more proud of everyone!

Check out some photos and a video by Scotty below! Pretty stoked with our trade mark "front loop factory line" that guaranteed results like nothing else!

Thanks again for everyone who joined us! If you missed out and would like to book a spot in the February clinic CLICK HERE.

See you on the water, Justyna, Jorge and Scotty

Below is a gallery of action from everyone:) Thanks Scotty for the epic drone work!

Saturday action captured by Scotty:

Thanks for all the good times everyone! We are looking forward to the next clinic :)

Want to join us? Book Here.

Team Dinner


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