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Coros WA Windsurf Clinic December 2020

Last theory recap before hitting the water.

Coros is as close as a windsurfing spot get's to a skate park. It is a true windsurfer's paradise and a must visit! We had lot's of fun SUPing, WINGing, Tow-Foiling and Windsurfing here during our recent clinic! Here's a quick recap.

The goal of this clinic was to show everyone the tools and tips that will allow them to take their windsurfing to the next level. We wanted everyone to spend fun times with like-minded people who were trying to push themselves (and each other) to sail the best they can. Read on to find out what a clinic with me and Scott McKercher looks like :)

theory Day

With a no wind on day one we decided to run a full day of theory classes. Between myself and Scotty we covered everything our students wanted to know: wave-riding in different conditions (on-shore, side shore, down the line), frontloops, backloops and pushloops technique.

I am a big believer in muscle memory and in "if you can't visualise it on land you wont do it on the water" so once theory was done, we got everyone to try to recreate the movements of each trick. It was quite fun to watch everyone dancing together ;)

Foil TowINg, SUP and Winging days

First two days didn't look windy, but we were ready with lot's of other activities on offer. Thanks to Scotty's boat we could tow everyone around and let them give foil-SUPing a go. Crashes were epic andI had some of the biggest wipeouts myself! :D Apart from that the crew enjoyed a few small waves testing SMIK SUPs and WINGs with pro tips from Scott.

Windsurfing Action Days

When the wind finally kicked in it was time for windsurfing action! After a quick theory recap on the beach, we've all hit the water. We've tried to capture every move, with the camera and the drone pointed at our students at all time. We also took turns with Scott to hit the water and share instant feedback with the team, as well as show them any manoeuvres they were after.

Justyna sharing backloop tips with Ash.

It was so cool to see how everyone put the theory into practice and how everyone was sending it. Send of the day goes to Dave for his huge pushloop! Thanks Andre for taking some snaps from the shallows:)

Dave sends it!

Footage Analysis

We reviewed the footage in true Ozzie style! Strait from the water we headed over to Goodie's Eco Camp After a quick bite, our students got to sit down, relax, watch the sunset and drink that well deserved beer, while we set up the projector and streamed the footage onto the side of my van. We've analysed everyone efforts sharing feedback late into the night, in an effort to provide every possible tip. We all slept well that night!

All coming together on the last day!

Last day delivered the most wind and waves and it was a real treat to see everyone stepping it up on the water! We were stoked to see the progress everyone made in just a few days. And we're looking forward to the next clinic!

First forwards for John!

Below is a gallery of action from everyone:) Thanks Scotty for the epic drone work!

Thanks for all the good times everyone! We are looking forward to the next clinic :)

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Team Dinner


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