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7-11 Dec 22

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I'm excited to announce the upcoming WA Windsurf Boost Camp! I will join forces with the legendary former Wave World Champ Scotty McKercher and Professional Windsurfing Coach and Caddy Jorge Vera Garcia (aka Dr Windsurf). Together we will guarantee everyone leaves the clinic loaded with every bit of knowledge necessary to take their sailing to the next level! What we all love about windsurfing is how fun it is to challenge ourselves on the water and try to do better and better every time we get out! Nothing more rewarding then going for it! Whether you are trying to improve your jibes, get into waves, go for your first front loop or get your forwards a few meters higher, land backloops and make sure your turns are more powerful and stylish - this is your chance to accelerate the process!

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We will be sailing at the famous Coronation beach - local training spot of Jaeger Stone. This spot offers world class conditions for windsurfing at every level and is just a short 15min drive from Geraldton.

Coronation Beach

Sandy beach stretches for miles making it very safe to get in and out anywhere along the coast. Water is flat for the first 400-500 meters, and offers perfect conditions for complete beginners, those practicing water starts or jibes as well as people trying to improve their freestyle.

Coronation Beach - home of the Australian National Championships

A deep-water reef is located just 500m from the beach. Waves start from knee-high on the inside all the way to logo (and occasionally mast) high on the outside. They are fairly soft and usually with good spaces between them (period) making it the best port-tack spot in the world to learn to wave ride safely and to safely practice jumping. In case of any trouble with the gear you end up in a flat water bay. No need to be scared of sharks here either! ;)

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Windsurfing Paradise 

You will struggle to find a better place than Coronation Beach to up your windsurfing game whatever your level. With trade winds blowing regularly all through the summer, you are pretty much guaranteed to spend a lot of time on the water. Coro is as close as a windsurfing spot get's to a skate park. It is a true windsurfer's paradise and a must visit!
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Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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