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PWA Aloha WAVE Classic Maui 2019.

So thankful to be able to come to Maui and participate in the the legendary Aloha Classic for the first time 🤩 🌊

Competition DAY 1

What a day yesterday! I was at the beach from 5.30am. The opening ceremony was amazing with a helicopter flower drop off, Hawaiian blessing and the local kids singing for us ❤️ I didn’t want to repeat Sylt’s last heat 😅 so I headed out on the water more then a heat ahead of time to make sure I don’t get stuck on the inside with big sets rolling in. I took 4.2 as it was hauling 💨🌊 Unfortunately the wind dropped a lot just before our heat making it a super slow and tricky battle. Looking back I was impatient and should have waited for a better set before coming in on a wave that didn’t really materialized into anything and then getting stuck on the inside with the big set coming over me 🤪 By the time I got back out I only managed to get one wave in 15min that wasn’t great either but I was running out of time. Disappointed about the result, but It was still amazing to have Hookipa to pretty much myself and realize how peaceful sailing here can be even with big swell when there isn’t 50other people in the line up 😉 I was more relaxed on the water and really enjoyed competing. I wish I had more heats and chances to catch some better waves. Fingers crossed we will have enough wind to run the double elimination🤞 Thanks to Jorge for helping and to Iballa for guiding me out. Big congrats to her for second place, SQ @cabeibusha for winning the single, Sato for 3rd and Lina for making it to the final 👏 Today the boys are up again and even bigger swell is coming so make sure you tune in to @pwaworldtour and fallow all the action live 🙂 photo: John Carter.

Waiting - Boys in Action

So stoked to be able to be here in Maui and witness the legendary Aloha Classic for the first time 🤩 🌊 Watching all the action live the last two days was incredible. The boys were going big and not holding back. What a show. Two more days to go.. I’ve learned by now that Ho'okipa doesn’t care what the forecast says so let’s wait and see if we get any more wind. photo: @si_crowther

Not Much hope left for Wind and Double Elimination

Looks like this will be my only wave at the Aloha Classic during my first and only very light wind heat. We didn’t get to run the double elimination which is always disappointing but it was epic to be a part of this legendary event nonetheless! Thank you so much @fishbowldiaries for capturing my ride and to all those who supported me in getting here 🙌🤗

DREAMS COME TRUE! 3Rd IN THE WORLD after a long season on PWA TOUR!

3rd in the World 🍾🍾🍾 Thank you for every one of the hundreds and hundreds of support messages I received over the season, all the crossed fingers and all the cheering. It fueled me with so much positive energy to fight even when the luck was not on my side.

Thank you to my Family for surviving the emotional roller coaster of competition that went for many more years then just this crazy season and for being there in all the moments of doubt, disappointment, through injuries and setbacks.

Thank you to all the amazing people who stepped in to help me fight till the end and come to compete in Hawaii for the first time ever.

I would lie if I said I am not a bit gutted about the end of the year and falling from 1st to 3rd and especially about one terrible heat in the windless Sylt shorebreak, but honestly I have never imagined that putting everything into this with hopes of one podium will take me to 4 finals, onto 3 consecutive podiums, to Aloha Classic for the first time and onto an overall PWA wave podium as the first Polish person in history of windsurfing 🤯🥳 Thank you so much to my coach Jorge Vera @dr_windsurf who somehow called this long before the season and kept me focused and motivated all year, to Richard from @max_active_squad for support and for flying out to two of my events to cheer me on! To all my friends for watching me through the nights and during the office hours 😜

You are all a part of making this dream happen #thankyou 🤗

Big congratulations go to Sarah-Quita @cabeibusha for her first Wave world title and to Iballa @morenotwins for a great come back to vice-world-champion 👏👏🍾🍾 and last but not least to Philip @philip_koster for his 5th world title 🖐 🙌

PArty time

What a great closing ceremony and after party here in Maui to celebrate the end of the Aloha Classic and an exciting year on the @pwaworldtour tour. Thank you to all the organizers and everyone who made that night so much fun! 💃🕺🏽 So happy to have been able to be here to pick up my 3rd PWA Wave Overall trophy for the year. Thank you to all who have been a part of that epic journey 🙌❤️ #alohaclassic#closingceremony#party#hawaii#maui#pwaworldtour#3intheworld#stoked#thankyou photos: @jcwindsurf

Some more Aloha Wave Classic memories through the lens of John Carter @jcwindsurf as well as Maui sightseeing snaps with the crew.


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