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2022 PWA WAVE Vice World Champion!

Sylt conditions are very challenging. You have to fight against not only your competition, but also strong current, cold weather and brutally dumpy shore-break. This combined with 40knots of wind this year made for some spectacular action delivered in the wave discipline by both men and women.

Sylt was the last event of the year that determined 2022 World Titles. The huge crowds on the beach (around 200.000 people visited the competition site throughout the 10 days!) and live streaming of the heats really made me feel the pressure!

I'm so happy that I managed to sail decent and secure the 2022 PWA WAVE VICE WORLD CHAMPION for the first time (missing out on 1st place by one heat)!

Big congratulations to Sarah-Quita Offringa for the World Champion title and Lina Erpenstein for her first overall podium 👏👏 as well as to all the other rippers who pushed so hard this year 🙌

Shoutout to Marcillio Brown for taking the Wave World Title this year and Philip Koester and Victor Fernandez for 2nd and 3rd overall 🍾

Top 3 Wave Overall 2022

My overall results since I’ve done the PWA tour:

2010 - 13th

2011- 10th

2012- injured / not participating

2013- 9th

2014 - 8th (couldn’t do all stops)

2015 - 9th (couldn’t do all stops)

2016 - 5th

2017 - 5th

2018 - 6th (couldn’t do all stops)

2019 - 3rd (after leading the tour mid year)

2020 - no events / pandemic

2021 - no events / pandemic

2022 - 2nd

What a journey it has been so far, filled with epic fails, big wins and everything in between.

I’m looking forward to what the 2023 competition season will bring 💙

Champagne battle!

Big thank you goes to my amazing sponsors @north_windsurfing @mysticboarding and @mauiultrafins you’re the best 🖤 Big thanks also to and for their support.

Best result ever thanks to North Sails!

Massive thank you to my coach Jorge Vera Garcia @dr_windsurf for ongoing coaching and for support here in Sylt🙌🙌

Vice World Champs

Last but not least thanks to my family and friends who tolerate my windsurfing obsession for all these years 😅 and support me in following my passion ❤️ and everyone cheering me on in Sylt!

Sylt competition this year:

Rough seas and strong winds made for en epic Sylt competition. We got 40knots side shore weather with decent waves. This year it also felt quite warm due to south wind - I think we had 12*C on the competition day!

I was super happy to make the final and get second in the single elimination with everyone ripping out there 🥈🤩 Big congrats to all 💃❤️

Massive thank you goes to @dr_windsurf and Rena for help

ing me through the heats 🙏🙌 and to everyone cheering me on ❤️🌊🌬🌧


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