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My sail number is POL-1111 and of course Robby Naish was the inspiration for that. I still remember watching his R.I.P. movie as a kid for the first time blown away by what can be done on the water windsurfing. Wave sailing was then completely surreal to me, but I knew one day I wanted to try.


When I got to go to the Baltic sea in the summer and tried windsurfing for the first time, you could not make me leave the water... These days we only came in to watch R.I.P. one more time and have a hot tea! As I was sailing in the rain at Hel Peninsula, on a slippery school-rental board for hours on end until my hands bled (no harness at this stage!) I imagined I am Robby and I'm sailing around my "own private islands" at Kailua haha..


Looking back it's crazy how much influence Robby have had on me getting into windsurfing and wave-riding,

so I am really stoked to be welcomed to the

Naish Team this year.


M Y S T I C BOARDING is so much more than a brand and quality water gear. To me it’s the story and the people behind it. They signed me up when I was on the wheelchair and not really sure I’ll even walk properly again. They read my story and decided to fully support my comeback on the water because breaking boundaries and pushing through hard times is at the core of what they stand for. They walked the walk, believed in me and gave me the hope I so much needed at the time. It has been a hell of a ride so far and I can’t imagine finding a better bunch of people and better gear! I love everything from bikinis to wetsuits. Check out all the awesome gear here:



The fin is the sail in the water, without a fin there is no real directional control.

Maui Ultra Fins are constantly tested using GPS data and questionnaires which are completed by professionals and amateurs alike.

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 11.03.14


I love GOPRO Cameras! They get better and better every year. I have used them for windsurfing, snowboarding, motoX you name it, and got some incredible footage over the years. 
I use it to learn moves and basically hardly ever go out without GoPro attached to my sail these days! 


GoPro Hero 7 Black is incredibly smooth and with the touch screen allows you to review the footage straight away so you can use it as a "normal" (water proof, shock proof, 4K quality) camera

anywhere you go. 


To read more about the specs and features: 


Stoked to be supported by the RedBull - brand that worked with all my childhood sport heros. 

RedBull is my go to when driving to far away locations and when I need a boost before an important heat. 

Check out all of their epic content here:


F45 Training is the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world.

I love F45 Training Claremont for having a great family-like atmosphere and also being the most motivating environment I have ever trained in. F45 coaches make sure that you do all your exercises right to prevent injuries. They also substitute my training plan with alternative exercises whenever I have an injury from sailing. The online platform provides you with all the information you need on nutrition (including full meal plans) and optimising your training to whatever your goals are. 

Thanks for keeping me fit, healthy and ready to face any challenge the ocean throws at me! 

Come and train with us at F45 Claremont:




There is a variety of Sponsorship Plans available.


Sponsors can choose one of the fixed packages or opt for a bespoke plan, tailored to their needs or to a particular marketing campaign.

Sponsor's promotion can be focused solely on the competitions and events or include lifestyle and travel coverage from around the world. There are product placement opportunities in videos and social media posts as well as full marketing brochures and TV adverts production options on offer. 

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If you are after a unique marketing opportunity and would like to work together please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to hearing about your project, idea or marketing campaign. 

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