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Saying Goodbye and Thank you to Simmer Style Windsurfing

After 7 years on Simmer Sails and 5 years on Simmer Boards I am saying goodbye to the Simmer Style Team. @simmerstyle_windsurfing

I have had many adventures and memorable moments on Simmer and I will be always grateful for all their support. It has been a privilege to sail with so many talented riders and on the great quality gear.

I have loved working with Ola Helenius who always took the time to listen to my feedback about the boards and with the whole team of passionate windsurfers that Simmer Team are.

I learned many new moves on Simmer BlackTips that are great for jumping giving so much control even for smaller riders like myself, allowing me to sail away even from no-handed and one-handed-one-footed backloops. I have taken Simmer gear with me all over the world and sailed some amazing places and it always worked great. The Flywave 72l is an absolutely amazing board - well done Ola and Marc and the entire R&D team.

During my time on Simmer I managed to get two Overall BWA Tour Championships, National Australian Title, remain an undefeated Polish Champion, Become Vice-Word Champion in PWA Indoor Jump, get my first ever PWA podium (2nd in PWA in Pozo), lead PWA Wave tour for the first time ever and step on the Overall PWA Wave Podium as well as do the highest jumps and ride the biggest waves of my life to date.

This time together and memories will always be special to me and I am proud I could have been a part of this team.

I wish everyone at Simmer all the very best in the future!

Thank you for the awesome 7 years together! 💛💙


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