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PWA Pozo 2022

Single Elimination

4th in the single elimination of @grancanariawindsurfworldcup 🥳

It was so awesome to compete again!! 🤩🥳

Big congrats to @morenotwins and @cabeibusha for putting solid heats together and showing amazing level in the challenging conditions we got 👏👏

Big shoutout also to @alexiakiefer_59 who sailed amazing in the quarterfinal, what a force👏

I didn’t feel in sync with the ocean today and didn’t find the ramps and waves I hoped for but that’s competition🙃

It’s not over till it’s over though 🤘Fingers crossed we get enough wind and waves for the double elimination 🤞

Thanks also to my amazing caddies 🤩 @pauline__katz and Dad for all the help on the beach and to the best coach @dr_windsurf for all the tips, motivation and help today 🙌

Double Elimination

I was so excited that the 3.0 winds finally arrived yesterday!

Unfortunately the epic conditions went flat by the time it got to my heat at the end of the day at high tide 😭 I was forcing my jumps off chop trying to squeeze the best out off what came my way, but didn’t get anything decent or even a wave to ride😵‍💫😭 This was not my comp 😔 Frustrating, but that’s competition.

Congrats to Lina for a nice comeback charge! And big well done to the top 3 ladies @morenotwins and @cabeibusha for navigating all conditions!


Thanks to Dad for turning into a pro caddy 🤗 and coach @dr_windsurf for helping through my heats. I wish I could have delivered what we’ve locked in in practice. Next time🤞

Massive thank you goes to @north_windsurfing not just for their support on paper but for all the messages of encouragement throughout the week and especially now when things didn’t go my way. What a team to be a part off 🖤🙌🤩 Stoked and truly loving my super lightweight gear 🥰

Last but not least thanks to everyone supporting and cheering me on throughout the week 🙏

Upwards and onwards! Beast mode ON! Training for the next comp starts now 😈


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