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PWA Aloha Classic 2019 VIDEO

Hookipa | Maui, Hawaii

What an experience! The opening ceremony was amazing with a helicopter flower drop off, Hawaiian blessing and the local kids singing for us ❤️

Check out this nice video edit from this year's Aloha Classic by Amanda Beenen Cantor @sweetwaterhawaii

Woman Competition Day Recap

The swell and wind were building fast on the first day of the Aloha Classic and Head Judge decided to send out women first. I didn’t want to repeat Sylt’s last heat, so I headed out on the water more then a heat ahead of time to make sure I don’t get stuck on the inside with big sets rolling in. I took 4.2 as it was hauling 💨🌊 Unfortunately the wind dropped a lot just before our heat making it a super slow and tricky battle. Looking back I was impatient and should have waited for a better set before coming in on a wave that didn’t really materialised into anything and then getting stuck on the inside with the big set coming over me. By the time I got back out I only managed to get one wave in 15min. I'm isappointed about the result, but It was still amazing to have Ho'okipa to pretty much myself and realize how peaceful sailing here can be even with big swell when there isn’t 50other people in the line up 😉 I was more relaxed on the water and really enjoyed competing. I wish I had more heats and chances to catch some better waves and show what I can do.

We didn’t get to run the double elimination which is always disappointing as I didn't get a chance to redeem myself, but it was epic to be a part of this legendary event nonetheless! I hope to do better next year! :)

Big congratulations to Sarah-Quita, Iballa and Sato for 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Here are some photos from the week by John Carter:


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