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Meet My new Boss! Joining Naish International!

Meet my new Boss!! What a way to start a new decade, I can't wait for the first Board meeting!;)

I am super excited to announce that I am joining the International Naish Windsurfing Team this year!

My sail number is POL-1111 and of course Robby Naish was the inspiration for that. I still remember watching his R.I.P. movie as a kid for the first time blown away by what windsurfers can do. Wave sailing was then completely surreal to me, but I knew one day I wanted to try. When I got to go to the Baltic sea in the summer and tried windsurfing for the first time, you could not make me leave the water... These days we only came in to watch R.I.P. one more time! As I was sailing in the rain at Hel Peninsula, on a slippery school-rental board for hours on end until my hands bled, I imagined I am Robby and I'm sailing around my "own private islands" in Kailua haha..

Looking back it's crazy how much influence Robby have had on me getting into windsurfing and wave-riding, so I am really stoked to be welcomed to the Naish Team this year.

I've been testing the new sails since the beginning of the year and I am super pumped to hit the water again as soon as the next good forecast and new boards arrive! Stay tuned to a new video dropping soon!

I am looking forward to sailing as part of this legendary team. I can't wait to learn from Robby and everyone at Naish, to test, develop, share ideas, try new things and push boundaries. Thanks again for having me and I'm looking forward to working with you!


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