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Going North!

Vargas, Gran Canaria | photo: Rodrigo Jimenez @underwatercanarias

I am super excited to announce that I am joining North Sails Windsurfing from 2022 season!

North Sails sure don’t copy what’s been done before. They really came up with a completely new, game-changing sail design and production solution. I felt like a pioneer testing The NS Wave. It’s exciting and a real privilege to join a team that is literally shaping the future of windsurfing! WOW. North Sails "Wave Clear" sail was love from first ride for me! It's hard to believe it’s possible to make a sail this light weight! That and the power distribution, creates a bliss-point between high performance and ease of handing. The sail has insane wind range and superb control which makes any manoeuvre easier to pull off, even for a smaller rider like me :) I found what I was looking for in a sail. I've used these sails in wobble and ride down the line conditions of Margaret River as well as 50knots days in Pozo and I am blown away by how they feel! You will not believe how light they are! It's insane - even when you just pick it up on the beach. And on the water - it's a game changer! Find out more about the new 3Di technology at

Coronation, Western Australia | photo: Andre Chang Fane

Pozo, Gran Canaria | photo Fernando Sanchez

Margaret River, Western Australia | photo: Scott McKercher @smiksup


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