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"Chicks Can Fly" New Video is Out!

I'm currently stuck in quarantine (after arriving in Australia) but have been keeping myself busy trying to go through all the footage from over 3 months of sailing.. almost every day! What a summer it has been in Gran Canaria.. There's been only a handful of days I used anything bigger then 3.0 or 3.4.

It has been weird to be in Pozo without the PWA World Cup on but it gave me a chance to test my new Naish Force4 sails and Assault Custom Quad boards and I had a blast doing it!

I have so much footage that for the purpose of finishing this video before the end of quarantine and.. staying sane! I had to give up on going through all of the folders. That means there might be a part two coming.. or maybe the next video will be from here in OZ as next week is looking solid up north :) I have spent quite a bit of time locked up in quarantine or in country lockdown this year due to pandemic and I am so so grateful that the time I did have freedom for was so windy and wavy. You have to love Gran Canaria!

I hope you enjoy this edit, and I hope we can all meet in Pozo for the PWA event next year. Stay safe everyone x


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