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3rd in world cup Sylt

What a feeling to stand on the Sylt World Cup Podium for the first time ever. This event is special to me because it was here that I ever entered a PWA competition for the first time. Sylt attracts huge crowds every year and is one of the most challenging and technical places to sail in the world. I'm super happy I managed to make the final and come 2nd in the single elimination behind of Sarah-Quita Offringa.

Justyna and Sarah-Quita finalists

Frontloop Sylt 2019 | photo: John Carter

In the double elimination things didn't go my way... Sylt happens!! Wind disappeared from the inside in my heat and dumpy shore-break washed me down the beach along with my hopes for defending 2nd from the single elimination and keeping the overall PWA Wave ranking lead 😅 It does feel heartbreaking to lose like this not even putting myself out there after fighting so hard all season, but it’s a part of the game. It’s these situations that make victories taste so much sweeter, because nothing comes easy 😉

Swept away..

First and foremost thank you so so much to all the legends helping me out - Catarina @caterinastenta and Marine @marinehunter181 for making all the rounds up and down the beach and getting my gear up every time - what a marathon 😅 Jorge Vera @dr_windsurf for coaching and helping so much with my gear and de-rigging all of it together with Philip @philip_koster and Manca @manca_notar when I was taken to the hospital after cutting my foot with the fins. Owe you guys big time 🙌

Thanks Jorge!

Thank you Marine and Cat!

Big congratulations to @maaikehuvermann for her first podium, for finding her way around Sylt’s onshore windless shore-break, for sailing great and securing second as well as to @cabeibusha for handling everything Sylt threw at her like a champ and coming out on top 🍾

Also big congrats to all the men finalists! What a show and what a come back from @marciliobrowne 👏 amazing win from @tomtraversa 🙌 and epic sailing from @philip_koster who jumps into 1st overall 🍾

I’m still happy to secure my 3rd consecutive podium this year as well as an overall podium for the year 2nd overall at the moment. It’s not over till it’s over! The battle continues.. 🙃 Thank you for all the messages of support 😊

For a laugh ;)


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