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My FIRSt World Cup Podium at the PWA IN Pozo!

Justyna Sniady (Simmer / Simmer Sails / AL360) is effectively the world tour leader heading into Tenerife after the Pole deservedly earned her best result on the world tour and first podium after finishing in a superb second place. Just before the event Sniady released a video showing that her sailing had gone up another notch or two and she duly delivered when it mattered most - landing pushloops, backloops and tabletop forwards, while also showing extra aggression and power on the wave to defeat Iballa Moreno in the semifinals of the single elimination, before successfully defending her second place against Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins). ~ Professional Windsurfer Association

Single Elimination

2nd in PWA Pozo single elimination! Dreams come true!! And this is the face you make when they do! 😮

When your dream becomes reality :O

It’s hard to find the words to describe just how happy I am about yesterday!

I made the final in Pozo alongside legendary Daida Ruano Moreno, after advancing through semifinal heat against the current and multiple Wave World Champion Iballa Ruano Moreno. So many things have to come together in competition, so much is down to chance, draw, getting conditions and chance to train, finally down to luck and grabbing the opportunity when it comes. It’s been many years for me, a lot of bad luck, a lot of shocking heats, a lot of good but not good enough heats, lots of close heats, bad injuries, wind dying off just on the verge of podium and very low moments when I wanted to give up.

Today I’m so happy about pushing through despite being the underdog.

I made my dream of getting the first PWA Wave podium in history for Poland (men and woman) reality.

Sooo sooo happy! And to do it here in Pozo, where few years back I suffered an injury that almost stopped me from windsurfing ever again, to finally push all the fear away, feels absolutely amazing. I would like to thank everyone supporting me over the years! Thank you to all my sponsors, to my family for keeping up with me stressing them out and for cheering for me, for all my mates in OZ who stayed up overnight watching me (and trained with me and filmed me!), to friends in Poland and around the world who cheered me on, for every one of the hundreds of messages of support and congratulations I received today. Big thanks to my friend Maeli Cherel for being the best caddy, to @revanspictures from @xo_active_teamwho signed me up this season and who flew out for two days just to watch and support me (what a legend!) and last but not least to the best coach anyone could ask for - Jorge Vera García for making me believe in myself and showing me what I am capable of on the water. Can’t thank you all enough.

Congratulations to all the finalists for awesome sailing and results!! 🙌

My first PWA Wave Podium!!

Single elimination finals day

Double Elimination Day

I'm 2nd in the World!

Watching the first heats of the day I was hoping for a comfortable 3.4m sail breeze that will allow me to show some of my new moves I’ve been working on but ballistic wind turned on the minute I entered the water and cancelled my plans. It was even windier then in the single elimination and with tide quite high it was the hardest sailing I’ve done all week.

I am super happy about finding the waves and putting together a solid heat in these outrageous conditions.

Luck was on my side but that doesn’t take away from Sarah-Quita’s performance throughout this competition. She was totally ripping🔥I still can’t believe I met Daida Moreno in the final for the second time this week!! She absolutely killed it in the second final in the most hardcore gusty and tricky conditions we were thrown against. I’m happy about getting a few decent moves in but chapeau bas to Daida for that heat as well as an amazing career. I hope she’ll be back on tour from time to time in the future, what a force.

Thank you all so much for all the support and crazy cheering, to my amazing caddies for all the help Maeli Cherel, Catarina Stenta, Greta Benavenuti and Serena Zoia, to my coach Jorge Vera Garcia aka Dr Windsurf 😜 and all my sponsors 🙌 Last but not least thanks for amazing photos to @jcwindsurf 🤗

2019 PWA Wave World Cup Pozo Women Podium

Double elimination finals day



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