After ups and downs in Ireland - where I came 2nd in the end I got to keep the yellow rashie and remain the British Wavesailing Tour leader!! It's been emotional! ;D
Made it to Ireland without getting seasick on the ferry! 
First day welcomed us with sun and a breeze of... THE EVIL TACK!!! Yes, that's it! Starboard tack nightmare! Well, all you can do is grab the bull by the horns as they say, so I did! To be honest after first few sessions it felt like I was actually holding the bull by the horns and he was just throwing me around!! First starboard tack frontloops were quite.. painful, not mentioning the water level that was so low I actually hit the rocks in one of the crashes and got a few new bruises. The fact that it was so onshore on the first day also didn't help me adjusting to new conditions. All in all I felt quite lost on the first day I must say. 
Hopefully, it all looked like we wont sail that day and I will get a night to prepare mentally. The pros were on at the outer reef and it seemed there is no way for other fleets to go out that day. I would be quite happy with that as by 5pm i was already freezing (yep Ireland is quite cold this time a year) and all beaten up - not mentioning mentally scared by the Evil tack;) Just when I was about to change as there was hardly any water left in the bay to practice (the tide was so low you had to slalom between the rocks) I heard - woman heat up next! Brilliant.. haha.. but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do so I drag myself down the beach one more time trying to warm up a bit on the way. 75l board and a 4,7 was just enough to wobble out.. heat was only 10 min and the waves were passing by quite rarely.. looking back it wasn't the wind direction that was the biggest problem (although it was in my mind) but the difficulty to get waves! To get 2 scoring waves was the challenge itself! Well.. I got really only 1.5 or a wave and a shoulder.. I sucked.. was embarrassed to go back to the beach.. but all you can do is laugh.. it was the first competition experience in starboard tack for me, and the bright side was - it couldn't really go worse next time. at least so I though!
Out of 5 chicks in the heat i came... 4th!! Great.. from leading the tour with all won heats in Rhossys down to almost last position. Not the best way to start! 

Second day wasn't better. The wind got even lighter! If there is one thing I didn't want to get more then starboard tack it was light starboard tack! We were competing at the outer reef that day, so with the light wind I started wobbling out good 20 minutes before my heat. Believe it or not but it wasn't enough! That's the thing about competing on new spots, you don't really know what to expect. As I wobbled out all the way outside it turn out that the current is really strong what made it really hard to go upwind. Best strategy would be to go around the other side - upwind in the beginning, but easier said then done. There were still heats on and I didn't want to get in anyones way. Me and Debbie Kennedy (the winner of the heat from the first day) got stuck downwind and were struggling to go upwind the entire 20 minutes of the heat. I managed to get 2 waves from which I was alright and second more of a shoulder and came 4th again!! B@llucks! It's not the lack of skills I thought - it's bad strategy - but I guess you learn the spots as you go. Debbie coming 5th after being 1st on day one proves how important wave selection/strategy is. It's hard to show what you can do on the wave if you can't get on one!! Gutted! With two 4ths I droped to the last position in the Ireland comp! Even more gutted as I thought that means I must really suck in starboard-tack which I was hoping to turn out differently. With no wind forecast till the end of the week I was preparing myself to accept a total defeat and treat it as a valuable new experience only, enjoying the first ever trip to Ireland, Guiness and Irish dancing. However, being a born optimist in the back of my mind I still hoped for a breeze before the comps ends! 

Hopefully my positive attitude paid of and we got a super light breeze on the last day of the competition. It was all or nothing now! I took out the big guns 5.3 (that I hardly ever use) and a borrowed 85l board from Ben (that I never sail). I think last time I was on a board this big was when I was learning to windsurf! Having nothing to loose at that point and a lot to gain I was on the water before the competition started. Ben was there as well, trying to push for them to do the Pros (he lost his first heat of the single elimination and came back in the double wining all his heats but the wind dropped - so he was stuck in 5th hoping for at least few more heats this comp). He gave me few tips, showed the wave I should catch and... a miracle happened!!! I had a wave with a few proper powerful smacks with some spray too! I couldn't believe it - being on this gigantic set with hardly any wind and starboard tack I was ripping! Well that boosted my confidence and helped me get a grip of sailing other way around! Just seconds after that wave my heat started! I knew what to do! I tried to stay calm and take my time selecting the waves. I got stuck in the shorbreak once during the heat (as it was hard to get out with no wind when the set was coming) but I kept my cool and got 2 great waves in the end (2 second best in my starboard-tack  career) and WON! Yuppi!! It was a close one between me and Debbie there with her coming just behind me! I was back in the game! :D 

Sitting in 3rd overall now I was stoked to get as many heats and possible before the wind dies completely! It was an hour left before our next heat. Is it gonna happen? Is there gonna be enough wind??!!! As the flag went down for the heat before ours and the transition period started I was really pumped up and ready to do good. I watched the sets to figure out what the best strategy would be. I went out and just minute into the heat got the perfect wave right from the back. I was getting a lot of speed, fully planning along the face of the wave from the start, and I only had one thing on my mind - Gaerial! haha.. Yep I was up fort it - speed felt right timing felt right, the only thing that didn't go according to plan was - Lucy got on my wave. I was thinking "no no no no" and screaming "it's mine, it's mine" hoping she'd hear me as she was just 1-2m downwind from me. Unfortunately (for both of us) she didn't and made it impossible for me to keep going without loosing the speed and opportunity for a dreamed-of gaerial! Gutted.. I did few nice turns and had to give up as I riched Lucy by then.. I was gutted - think it was the biggest wave of that day, I could get heaps of points and maybe even a gearail! Now instead, I had a decent but not brilliant wave, and I was stuck downwind.. :( well.. that's competition I guess. Nothing's over till it's over though. I knew Lucy wouldn't have this wave scored and will have her best scoring wave taken off for droping in on me (as that's the rules) but that didn't change much for me as it was not a woman on woman heat. There was 5 chicks in it so I still miss out. Well, not wasting much time thinking about it at the time I got back out there. I managed to get another wave in the very last minute of the heat and also pull off a "Josh Angulo" on it haha! Yeah you got it - one handed cutback! That was cool, if I wouldn't go for anotehr one and miss the very last bit of the wave I would score higher but I got too excited after trying it the first time haha. All this first time sailing in the starboard tack was so exciting! Felt like discovering windsurfing all over again! Can't believe I was defending myself from the 'evil' tack for so long! In the end I came 2nd in that heat! 

As I got to the beach I heard that I will have another woman-on-woman heat against Sofia. As you get one discard I had 1st, 2nd and 4th place and she had a 1st, 3rd and 3rd in all the heats. That put's me in 2nd anyway, but to make it even more fair (as it was so close) judges decided to do a sail off. Pretty cool idea I though, exciting to watch as well. The wind was already dropping drastically when we went out. I got a very nice wave but missed a footstrap going down on it, so missed out on few turns. Think Sofia got one later on as well. And then.. we started wobbling around barely moving.. at one point I fell in and couldn't water start for minutes! I'm not super skinny, but if I can't waterstart on 5.3 that means there is no wind. The heat got canceled and that was it for the action that day. 

What a comeback for me! From last to 2nd in the very last minutes of the comp! And back to the tour leader position and keeping a yellow rashie!! Who would have thought?! 
Good to always stay positive till the end! I tell you what - Guiness tasted awesome that night! 

Once more big thank you to all the organisers, judges and competitor for making this awesome event happen!

Check out the gallery for some shots from Ireland (by Dave White and Ben Proffitt)

Woman Results Ireland:
1. Debbie Kennedy
2. Justyna Sniady
3. Sophia Gilje
4. Lucy Robson
5. Emma Ray 

Current Overall BWA Woman Ranking:
1. Justyna Sniady
2. Lucy Robson
3. Sophia Gilje
4. Debbie Kennedy
5. Emma Ray
6. Megan Gayda 


Snowboard season is officially open in Poland! :D
My new website is finally online! :D
I am privelaged to join an international team of Reptile Masts!
Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. I wish you a Happy New Year filled with new plans, new beginnings and new successes. All the best in 2011! :)
I will be able to immortilize all the action in 2011 using the latest gadgets from GoPro! :D
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As we surf the Oceans we might as well do something to protect them. Help is just a click away!
I Wish You All Merry Christmas and a Happy, Windy 2011 :)
S-mag was designed by very good friends of mine with whom I was snowboarding for years. It is Poland's First Snowboarding Online Magazine! Check it out!
After hearing sooooo many stories about Esperance I finally got to check it out for myself! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
I am happy to announce that I have just joined SPY Optic Team Poland! SPY will equip me in the highest quality sunglasses, snow and motocross goggles! I'm stoked! :D
After long few months in the cold, I am finally off to Australia!
You need to design a logo, T-shirt, poster, flyer or an on-line ad? Just e-mail me: :)
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Scored some good wind and waves @ Gearies today!
No wind here so made different kind of training before Pozo! :)
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Big THANK YOU to Dr PIOTR PIEKARCZYK for saving my foot!
Stepped on the board first time in over 4 months - just 3 weeks after I started limping around without crutches! Sign in and managed to defend my BWA title! Unbelievable and emotional event for me!
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We scored great 3 weeks up north! :)