I'm super stoked to join the International MYSTIC BOARDING Team in 2013! Mystic supports the idea of ONE-SEASON - and provides the gear for truely comitted riders to make sure they can go out and enjoy their time on the water no matter how hot or cold it is outside! I am really happy with the designs and quality of all the products I got to try out! Above all that Mystic has a great team of both sponsored athletes and those working behind the scenes to make best possible water gear. I am preveliged to be working with them from now on and am looking forward to all the extra time on the water I will get thanks to the MYSTIC gear! :) 

I always push it hard on the water:) Hence I crash a lot as well. Sometimes hard ;) That's why I am always looking for the most reliable gear on the market so I wouldn't have to hold back. POWEREX masts  (with the new Bamboo-Carbon range) and booms will suit my full-on style perfectly! I am happy to be joining the Powerex International team this year! Can't wait to start testing their revolutionary products!

Simmer Boards. I am really happy to be sailing boards that really boost my performance and are just easy and fun to ride!  

I'm really excited about joining Simmer Team! It is a great bunch of people who know how to have a good laugh while pushing the performance on the water as well. 
I have really good memories of Simmer as I landed my first frontloops and pushloops on their sails a few years ago in Pozo. Also as soon as I jumped on my new 2013 Simmer Sails my backloops just clicked so I think we make a good match!:) I really like both Icons and Blacktips - they are light, maneuverable, really stable and most importantly for my style of sailing - pretty unbreakable! :) It's great to be back on the water and get the support despite my severe injury from last year.

  Big thanks to guys from Freeway Poland for supporting me with all the newest gadgets from GoPro. I have been treated by them with top models of cameras and all the possible mounts out there so that I can document all action on the water, snow or drit :D New Black edition cameras come with a remote control and Wifi and make shooting all the action even easier! Check them out!:) 
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When talking about support it’s impossible not to mention my Mum and Dad. For years they stood by my side and always were there for me whenever I needed them. I would like to thank them for doing such a great job providing moral support for me as well as dealing with all my crazy ideas that in consequence often lead to injuries :) I appreciate everything they did for me, and know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. Best parents ever!  I would like to send a big thank you to my brother Martin and all my friends as well.