Justyna Śniady
Nick name:
Sail#: POL 1111
Born: Warsaw, Poland, 31 August
Height: 170 cm
Status: Alive and running
Words to live by:
"Fear is just an illusion-you can shut it off"
Polish, English, German, communicative Spanish now :)
Interests: Windsurfing :) Snowboard, Motorbikes (lately mainly MotoX), Cars (off-road and drifting), Wakeboarding, Surfing, Horseback riding, Basketball, Soccer and other sports, graphical design, movie editing, fixing diesel engines :D, travel, languages, music, reading, cooking and TALKING!
Disciplines: Windsurfing - Waves / Snowboarding - Slope Style
Best spot: Anywhere I can go out at a moment.
Inspired by: Many people including my friends and family. Definitely a fan of all the people who push the limits. Always admired people like Robert Teriitehau, Laird Hamilton or Travis Pastrana for being masters in this. Anybody who is ripping hard and has a friendly personality is an inspiration to me. I still think that Jason Polakow’s cutbacks are one of a kind though! Just like mine! Mine are just a different kind! haha 
Yes. Many and often. Hopefully I heal fast:) I think that the worst was breaking my nose 5 times within one month and having it also stitched. That hurts.
Food: Polish, Italian, Spanish. Any food really, maybe not a huge fun of frutti di mare. Still believe that donut + redbull is the best lunch ever - I like to keep it healthy ;)
Music: A “must” when driving! Depends on the mood. When snowboarding or before getting out on the water something to motivate me (best - music from About Time movie), chillout when relaxing, film music always good as well, sometimes like to listen to classical music or just play piano myself.
Film: Many, but I really like ‘Brave Heart’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby’. Windsurfing movies: About Time with Jason Polakow (saw it about a million times - best before a surf session) and RIP by Robby Naish (classic!)
Hard to choose. I like “The shadow of the wind” a lot.
Education: Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Murdoch University, Western Australia
Certificate III in Multimedia, TAFE College Australia
Bachelor of science (BAsc), Economics, Warsaw University, Poland
Happy about:    
Being the first Polish girl to land frontloops, pushloops and backloops
Being the first Polish girl to land frontflips snowboarding   
So far never loosing a heat in a waveriding competition in Poland
Being the first in history and currently the only Polish girl to compete in the PWA WAVE tour
Finishing MBA degree @ 24. Always though I will be an eternal student! Surprise, surprise! ;D
Establishing my own company Surf Operator
Breaking-in a horse (at the age of 13)
Learning wheelies on MotoX ;P
Surviving all my accidents and crashes!!
Having a bunch of great, supportive friends :)
Sail on Jaws
Recent Results:  1st POLISH NATIONAL CHAMPTIONSHIPS (really stoked! I haven't lost a heat since  first wave comp in 2003, but this year we had first ever OFFICAIL championships run by Polish Sailing Association - feels great to be the first Official Polish Wave Champ in history!:) 

1st BWA Tour 2014 OVERALL :D

1st BWA Tour Tiree Wave Classic 2014
1st BWA Tour Ireland 2014
3rd BWA Tour Wales 2014

2nd PWA Indoor World Cup Warsaw, Poland 2014 

7th 2014 PWA Overall  (current ranking after first 2 events)

1st PWA World Tour Tenerife Expression Session (Jump) 2014
9th PWA World Tour Wave Championships Tenerfie 2014
5th PWA World Wave Champtionships Gran Canaria 2014 (pretty stoked as that's the best result in the hisotry of Polish Wave discipline for both man and woman:)

1st BWA Wave Championships 2013 Overall 

2nd BWA Wave Championships 2012 Overall (really stoked to defend the podium and come second afetr the whole summer on the wheelchair and just 2 weeks after putting the crutches away!) I'm back! :)

5.06.2012 - Bad foot injury eliminating me from competing on PWA tour in 2012.. I did a massive progress since last year and am super gutted I wont be able to participate in this year's comps. It is truely frustrating to sit on the side with a broken foot and only watch all the action. This frustration is the biggest motivator for me to come back stronger and push even harder next season! :)

Current 2012 British Wave Association Tour Leader 
2nd Brandon Bay, Ireland, BWA Tour, May 2012
1st Rhosneiger, Wales, British Wavesailing Association Tour (BWA), May 2012
2nd Margaret River Main Break, Australian Wave Championships, February 2012
1st Greenhead, Australian Wave Championships, January 2012
3rd Lancelin Wave Classic, Australia January 2012

1st Wind DISS 2nd Strike, Łeba, Poland October 2011
1st Wind DISS Łeba, Poland August 2011
PWA Sylt, Germany 2011 = no result due to no wind
9th PWA Wave El Medano, Tenerife 2011
9th PWA Wave Pozo, Gran Canaria 2011
1st Quiksilver Wave Session, Łeba, Poland 2010
PWA Wave Sylt, Germany 2010 = no result due to no wind
13th PWA Wave Pozo, Gran Canaria 2010 (with no eardrum! haha)
2nd Australian National Wave Championships, Margaret River 2010